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Drop the Cap! (Reducing Michigan's Maximum Taxation Level)

I believe a common sense first step to reducing the limit of spending to would be imposing a 8.55% of GDP cap on total state taxation(current level is 8.1%). This will give assurance to investors, taxpayers, and the legislature that we will not return to a high-spending state in the future. This would leave our current spending levels intact and with our balanced budget amendment will force politicians to better prioritize our state funds. This reasonable restriction will allow us all the funds necessary to maintain spending on all legitimate government functions.

I also believe in a further restriction beyond the Drop the Cap initiative. These reductions in government spending would be imposed via the yearly state congressional budget. i would propose that we reduce the state budget by .11% of GDP per year from its current level of 8.1% each year for 10 years with a goal of  7% of GDP total State taxation by 2028. at which point i would propose another amendment to lower the cap to 7.5% 

I would challenge my "fiscally conservative" opponent. To explain why they have not supported this initiative, or proposed anything similar during their years in state congress to restrain future politicians from growing the government to a level unsustainable level?

To learn more about Bill Gelineau and his Drop the cap initiative please visit his page at  and his page on Drop the Cap

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